PKR relaxing the rules or undoing someone’s dirty?

Posted on October 14, 2010


Malaysiakini reports today, under the bold headline, “PKR relaxes rules, Nurul qualifies for No 2”, that PKR sec-gen Saifuddin Nasution announced that the party politburo had decided to accept nominations from the Semporna division, thereby paving the way for Nurul to contest for the deputy president post.

Without more, this report gives the impression that the politburo bent over backwards and relaxed the rules to allow Nurul to get into the No.2 contest through the back door.

Which rule was relaxed?

The one announced by Raden Shamsulkamar Raden Shamsudin on 12th October, that all nominations were to be in by 10th October, when he also announced that Nurul failed to make the cut for the No.2 post?

NST online reported yesterday that Molly Cheah, the PKR central elections committee director, said that the deadline is this coming Saturday, 16th October.

“Nurul Izzah still stands a chance to get another nomination needed to be eligible to contest. The final date for nominations is Saturday” , said Molly.

She is also quoted as saying that she does not know how this confusion over the cut-off date started.

This statement must surely suggest that the main person in charge of the ongoing party elections, Molly, had no knowledge of this rule that Raden speaks of, setting the cut-off date as being 10th October.

So which rule, Saifuddin, and, more importantly, whose?


Acting on whose behest?

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