Did we all err?

Posted on October 15, 2010


To my ‘PKR relaxing the rules or undoing someone’s dirty?’ post, Bro Habib RAK sent in a comment thst ended with a poser which I have taken up as the title of this post.

Here, let me reproduce his comment in full.

“Bro Haris,
Please read YL Chongs’s article in Malaysian-Chronicle. http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/2010/10/why-is-rpk-acting-so-out-of-character.html#more

The cut-off date was even quoted by Malaysiakini in an easily readable chart on Sept 5, 2010.

Did we all err?”

Let me also reproduce here the Malaysiakini chart that Habib refers to in his comment.

In his post, YL Chong discloses this chart which he says he noticed in an article dated 5th September.

I’ve checked and actually, this chart first appeared in a Malaysiakini report dated 26th August, 2010. You can check this for yourself HERE.

That same day, there was another Malaysiakini report which also alluded to 10th October as the closing date for nominations. This report, however, also contained an insightful summary of the whole process.

You can read that report HERE.

I am going to reproduce here the summary from that report as I think it may prove useful in trying to make some sense of all this.

“About 400,000 party members in 205 divisions will be taking part, and each division will have a day set aside to nominate their candidates from tomorrow to Sept 12.

The nomination period will be from 10am to 4pm and those interested in contesting will have to submit a nomination form which has two other members as proposer and seconder.

“It (the election process) will be like nomination day for the general election,” said an election coordinator who declined to be named.

At the end of the day, the names will be submitted to the central election committee which will have to publish the names of the nominees within one week from the nomination day.

A three-day objection period and a four-day period to process the objections has been allocated, before the final list is prepared.

The members will then vote on the day of the division’s annual general meeting (AGM).

They will also vote for 10 positions for the women’s wing and 20 positions for the youth wing.

At the respective AGMs, members will then be nominating candidates for the party’s supreme council, which includes the president, deputy president and four vice-presidents, as well as 20 committee members.

Nominations for these key posts will close on Oct 10. To qualify, potential candidates must be nominated by at least two divisions”

Bro Habib, if you examine both this summary and the Malaysiakini chart, you will find they both have one thing in common.

Neither makes mention of the date, 16th October, which is now the date set for nominees to confirm their acceptance of nominations to contest.

In a Malaysiakini report dated 17th September, which also carried the chart above, it was reported that “After the dust from more than 200 divisional meetings settles, nominations for the central leadership positions will officially close on Oct 10. The list of candidates will be finalised and displayed on Oct 24”.

Again, no mention of 16th October for those nominated to confirm their acceptance of the same and the position that they would be contesting.

As alluded to in my ‘PKR relaxing the rules…?’ post, NST online quotes PKR central elections committee director Dr Molly Cheah as making mention of the 16th October date.

“We will be tabulating all nominations from 10am to 6pm on Oct 16 at the party headquarters and will make the final announcement then.  

“After the names are announced, another three days will be given for objections and for anyone to retract their nomination.” , Molly is reported to have said.

At this juncture, several questions come to mind.

First, why does the summary of the election process excerpted from Malaysiakini and reproduced above, as well as the Malaysiakini chart, make no mention of the 16th October date?

Let me reproduce here what I said in my ‘He who asserts must prove’ post.

“Day before yesterday, 2 sources in PKR confirmed with me that originally, 10th October was set down as the date, not for divisions to send in their list of nominations to HQ, but as the date set for nominees to confirm their acceptance to contest for the posts for which they had received the requisite number of nominations.

That date, I was told, was only recently moved to 16th October.

How recently, I asked.

“Very recently”, I was told

A month ago, I asked.

“No, more recently”, was the reply”.

If my information is correct, the date 10th October that appears in the Malaysiakini chart and the excerpted summary was the date when nominees were to confirm their acceptance of their nomination, and not the date by which nominations were to be sent to HQ.

If this is correct, when was this changed to 16th October?

I have checked the reports in Malaysiakini and the first mention of the date 16th October appears in a report dated 11th October, 2010.

“Selangor is crucial state and success in governing this state will help tremendously in our campaign in the next general election. We cannot afford to fail.  

“He still has five days to go (before Oct 16, when nominations must be accepted), and even after that, there is still room to withdraw,” – Mustaffa Kamil Ayub

Again, if my information is correct, when, then, were divisions to send in their list of nominations to HQ?

From the summary above, it appears that this was to be done by divisions on the very day of their AGM and elections.

Not 10th October.

So, indeed, did we all err?

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