What do the 3 PKR deputy presidential candidates have in common?

Posted on October 16, 2010





Neither Zaid, Azmin nor Mustaffa Kamil have taken Muhyiddin to task for his ‘Malay first, Malaysian second’ stance.

Photo from Mkini

Unless I’ve missed any news report to the contrary.

If I am mistaken and there is any news report to the contrary, could someone please send in a link to the same so that I can update this post with that report?

Would it not be good to know if Zaid, Azmin and Mustaffa see themselves as Malaysians first or, like Muhyiddin, identify themselves first as being Malay?

Should the trio, as they now go on their respective campaign trails to persuade the 400,000++ PKR members to give them the deputy presidential mandate in November, not declare at the outset of each ceramah whether each is Malaysian first and foremost?

How about we launch a Twitter campaign to get the trio to make known what their respective stand is?

Those on Twitter, how about sending out the following : Will Zaid, Azmin & Mustaffa declare if they are Msian 1st, Malay 2nd?

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