What does this mean for PKR in Sabah?

Posted on October 18, 2010


“The outgoing national vice president stressed that his struggle had “never been about party posts or positions”. It had always been and would continue to be about Sabah and Sarawak rights and autonomy, he added.

“This is a struggle that cuts across the political divide in Sabah and Sarawak and it could do without any distractions.”

He decision appears to signal a subtle shift in his current position from being party politician to that of a statesman for Sabah and Sarawak “while re-capturing the moral high ground on what his politics is all about”. – Joe Fernandez, on Jeffrey Kitingan’s declining to contest in the PKR national elections, in Malaysiakini.

Jeffrey, my sources in Kota Kinabalu tell me, was on course to win, if he had chosen to accept the nominations for the position of vice president.

What are the implications, if any, of his decision to not contest, for PKR in Sabah?

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