Should it not only be ‘may the best man win’, but also ‘ may the best man contest’?

Posted on October 19, 2010


“Pakatan Rakyat leaders met and decided that we will field a PKR candidate and we will make the announcement (on who it is) soon. We hope SAPP won’t contest, because we want a straight fight with BN” – Anwar Ibrahim, reported by Malaysiakini today.

The same report, and an earlier report yesterday, has it that whilst PKR has yet to decide on their candidate, possibilities who have been identified include PKR  Sabah chief Ahmad Thamrin Jai, Tuaran division chief Ansari Abdullah and newly-elected Batu Sapi chief Hassnar Ibrahim.

The earlier report also quoted Tian Chua as saying that Pakatan Rakyat is attempting to negotiate with SAPP in the hope of making the Batu Sapi contest a ‘one-on-one’ fight with BN.

Hassnar Ibrahim being considered?

You know this man’s resume?

If you don’t, read THIS, THIS , THIS and THIS.

My sources in Sabah tell me that this man brought absolute thuggery to the Batu Sapi divisional elections in order to secure his win.

I called Tian Chua this morning to find out if there was truth in the report with regards to the report that this man might be PKR’s choice of candidate for the forthcoming by-election and to say that if this was so, I was going to crucify PKR in blogosphere for this.

Tian said that there was no truth in the report.

‘There is no list of prospective candidates yet”, he said.

In my ‘Batu Sapi : SAPP or Pakatan Rakyat?’ post, I had suggested that both Pakatan and SAPP should come to the negotiation table, disclose their respective proposed candidate, who should be Sabahan, measure both by an MP-Aptitude test and an Integrity test and see who comes out tops.

Why should SAPP give way to Pakatan without even knowing who the latter’s candidate is?

Conversely, why should Pakatan back off from the contest without first knowing who SAPP will be offering?

Should not all parties determined to see BN beaten come together and objectively settle on the best man for the contest?

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