Dear Linda

Posted on October 25, 2010


First, allow me to extend my condolences to you and your family on the tragic and sudden passing of your husband.

It can never be easy for a family when a loved one is snatched away so suddenly.

I also want to congratulate you on being picked by BN to contest in the forthcoming Batu Sapi by-election that has come about through Edmund’s passing.

FreeMalaysiaToday reports that you have asked the voters in Batu Sapi to give you the mandate on 4th November to allow you to continue Edmund’s work in the constituency.

“It is an opportunity for me to carry on with the legacy of good work of my late husband Edmund Chong,” FMT reports you as saying.

Now, I did not know Edmund personally, and he may very well have done much work for the people of Batu Sapi, but what did he do for them, as their representative, in Parliament?

I note that he was into his second term as the MP of Batu Sapi at the time of the tragic accident, as he was first elected in 2004.

Now, when the Bill to extend ex-EC chairman Rashid’s tenure for another year was tabled in Parliament in December, 2007, did Edmund just abide by the BN whip and vote in support of the Bill, or did he revert to the Batu Sapi constituents to get their mandate?

Did Edmund ever revert to the Batu Sapi constituents to update them on the matter of the death of Teoh Beng Hock, to seek their views on the same and to then endeavour to bring this matter up in Parliament?

Has Edmund ever brought up in Parliament the matter of the more than 1 million foreigners in Sabah who are in possession of Mykads?

You see, Linda, as good a man as Edmund might have been, he was also first and foremost a servant to UMNO before he was, if ever he truly was, a representative of the people of Batu Sapi in Parliament.

And as you now come forward and offer to step into his shoes, in reality, you offer the people of Batu Sapi no better than what Edmund brought to them.

In your campaign, will you tell the people of Batu Sapi what your thoughts are on the death of Beng Hock and the more than 1,800 other deaths in custody?

Will you share with them how you plan to bring up in Parliament the menace that Dr M’ project M and the more than 1 million ‘pendatangs’ with Mykads pose to the people of Sabah?

Will you share with them how you propose to bring up in Parliament how Sabahans have been denied the benefits that ought to have accrued to them pursuant to the 20-point agreement?

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