PKR, and its election ballot papers, up for sale

Posted on November 5, 2010


Last week, Zaid called for a halt to the ongoing PKR party elections, citing irregularities at several divisions.

This call has been ignored.

Yesterday, Mustaffa Kamil joined the chorus, expressing his concerns that party members would be betrayed for the benefit of a select few.

The party leadership still chooses to remain silent.

I received an e-mail from an individual at about 2pm today.

He said he has a stack of PKR ballot papers, which should, as a matter of security, be under the lock and key and the custody of the central election committee.

He gave me a number by which I could contact him.

I called.

He confirmed by phone that he has these ballot papers in his custody.

Without serial numbers, he says these will be used to boost the votes of certain candidates where voter turnout is low.

This, he says, can only be done with the collusion of the central election committee appointee mandated to oversee the elections.

He has agreed to meet me tonight to pass the ballot papers to me as evidence of his claims.

I asked if he was a member of PKR?

He said not for very long more.

I will report to you after I have met the individual tonight.

My question, though, is if this is true, will the PKR leadership continue to turn a blind eye?

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