PKR Secretariat responds

Posted on November 7, 2010


About 30 minutes ago, I received by e-mail a copy of the press statement released by PKR Sec-Gen Saifuddin Nasution today on the matter of PKR’s ongoing election ballot papers that I had blogged about these last two days.

I reproduce that press statement below.



KEADILAN views with gravity allegations that PKR election ballots are for sale and as many as 1000 ballots can be purchased from last week’s elections and reused this week. An online news site claim that next weeks ballot papers are already available and circulating.

KEADILAN will like to inform all KEADILAN members and candidates that the ballot papers for the past week cannot be used this week or the next two weeks. All ballot papers have the following security features:

1. Ballot papers for the following contested positions have serial numbers:

Deputy President, Vice President, Women Chief, Deputy Women Chief, Vice Women Chief, Youth Chief, Deputy Youth Chief &Vice Youth Chief. The 20 positions in each of the three Excos have up to 132 candidates and are in a booklet format.

2. All ballot papers need to be stamped by Election Officers at the division level just prior to giving them out to eligible voters. Any ballot paper without that stamp will not be valid.

3. Each week’s ballot papers will be printed on different colored papers.  This coloured code will not be known to any of the Election Officers until the day of the election. Therefore the impression created that that ballot papers can be reused or recycled is completely untrue.

4. During the election process, candidates for the Deputy President, Women Chief and Youth Chief positions can register their representatives to observe the entire process with the Chief Election Officer – this totals a minimum of 8 representatives from the 8 candidates as election monitors. ALL candidates can register their representatives as counting agents for the positions they are contesting who are allowed to be present to observe the counting of the ballot paper.  These electoral procedures can be downloaded from the KEADILAN website.

5. Each Election officers will fill up a tallying sheet which must be signed by him and also the candidates representatives.  The said tallying sheet contains the results, the number ballot papers issued, number of votes casted and number of spoilt votes.  Many of the candidates in particular those running for the deputy president’s position had appointed their representatives both to observe as well as counting agents practically at all divisions. Such agents were actually present through out the whole process and signed the said tallying sheets.

Issued by,

Secretary General

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