Bringing the Barisan Rakyat initiative to MCLM in London

Posted on November 20, 2010


Landed at Stansted Airport, London at about 4.40am London time.

Three hours later, I was having breakfast with RPK, Marina and Sara.

I’m here, firstly, to get medical attention for my chronic rhinitis.

More importantly, I am here to sit down with Pete and work out strategies to take the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement into the mainstream of Malaysian life.

I am also here to present to the MCLM committee my proposal that the MCLM take the lead in the Barisan Rakyat independent candidate initiative for the 13th general elections.

I’m going to try and catch the Arsenal-Spurs game on TV here in a few hours before we move on to a few meetings  later today and then the next few days will be spent with Pete working out the nuts and bolts of, firstly, MCLM and, secondly but probably of greater urgency, the Barisan Rakyat independent candidate initiative.

Will keep you all posted.

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