A Gopeng PKR member’s report on voting day

Posted on November 21, 2010


On 17th November, gc sent in the following comment to my ‘Masa sudah sampai untuk era Baru…’ post.

‘sir, i want to write a report on last week saturday MPP pkr election which i attended . I have many copies of how the cheating is done by Azmin and shamsul. Email me and I will take scan of all the slips and write u a report on how they pursue / force / suggest / encourage me to vote for the inetrested personnels. Also while i am crossing X the person will watch me cause I ignore to listen to the cawangan way of voting their choices. And also I am not allowed to put inside the ballot box. One man standing there will take from me and he isolated the Parts and put inside the box in front of me. BUT he sees inside to whom I cross X’

I e-mailed gc that same day to say I was awaiting his report and accompanying proof.

The next day, gc e-mailed me his report with copies of documents which he believed supported his contention.

The report, however, was anonymous.

I e-mailed gc the next day as follows.

“Thank you for responding and sorry for this late reply.

I understand your concerns about being identified.

However, I would need to verify that you are indeed a member of PKR of the Gopeng division.

Otherwise, I would not be able to publish your disclosure.

I will not reveal your identity,but  I need to verify for myself.

Could you scan your membership card and send it to me?

You have my assurance that I will not disclose your details should I publish your disclosure at my blog.

If you choose not to, I will understand.

Please understand also that in those circumstances, I will not be able to publish your expose”.

gc responded with a photograph of his PKR membership card.

I reproduce gc’s report, with his photographic evidence, unedited.


13 Nov 2010
cabang gopeng, perak

1.  I traveled 545km to Ipoh to vote at my cabang for MPP.
2.  Three people went for voting as we are members of PKR.

3.  A week earlier at night 3 people in car came to house and invited to come for voting and also gave slips “senarai pencalonan MPP 2010 “ of their choice and ask to follow the X cross marks. Although they never sound to be forcing but it was merely a suggestion and recommendation.

4. On 13 November 2010, we went to PKR office. We saw a big banner of ONLY Azmin and Putrajaya.

5. Ladies and men came to us after saw us holding blue pkr membership card. They almost had same slips. We told them we already had the slip which matches with their choice.

6. They pursue / suggest / encourage us to vote for their interested personnel. They have same dialogues “ Ikut saja pangkah ini semua “.

7. We showed  pkr blue membership card to register . Each got one small piece of paper with a number.

8. Again almost  4 other people approached us and gave the same slips and ask to follow the guideline given.

9. One guy showed us a big poster of how the balloting paper looks like and how to vote. choosing 1, 4 and 20 people and the rules. The poster had white tape censor zaid .

10.  We went to second floor. Gave small piece number and took the balloting papers.

11. We sat on sofa waiting for empty tableI saw many voters “copy paste” from the slips and there is 2 ladies guiding them easily.

12. There are  4 long tables. Each table got 2 chairs.  Two ladies monitor two tables. These ladies every busybody and sees to whom you cross. They are happy as long as you keep the given suggestion slips side by side and do “copy paste”.

13. Also while I am crossing X the person will watch me cause I ignore to listen to the cawangan way of voting their choices. And also I am not allowed to put inside the ballot box. One man standing there will take from me and he isolated the paper parts and put inside the box in front of me. BUT he sees inside to whom I cross X.

14.  Many in 2nd floor curious and showed grumpy face because we never put the slip side by side with ballot paper and refer and cross. Something like copy from slip and paste in ballot paper. We slowly and carefully choose our own preferences.

15. The paper is new and don’t have zaid’s name.

16. One man collects the paper and drops into box. The box is covered and NOT transparent. This man opens the MPP and AMK paper and sees who we vote for.

17. Two of us did NOT cross for azmin or mustaffa but  I crossed for Chegubard. We also did not vote for anyone from the slips recommendation including nurul izzah except for one Chinese ADUN . I vote for  Chan Ming Kai because he deserves . He is very good adun for simpang pulai. Some sort like hannah yeoh.

18. It was totally disgusting and no privacy.

19.  We are cowards. They know our house. They can do anything in case they lose.

20. The only daring thing 3 of us did was did NOT follow the recommendation slip.

21. While we walking back to car, one PKR man came and said his name not in the “wanted /demanded” list.  He said pkr played dirty game as cowards scared to lose.

22. Finally Azmin and Shamsul controls the cabang Gopeng.

My main purpose to travel 565km is to vote for Zaid  But since news come out he quit. I had double mind to go or not to. But we went to see ourselves on the criminal breaches of trust happened in pkr voting.

I pity mustaffa’s people whom cannot get privileges in the pkr office. One guy came and give name card of mustaffa and yahya sahri. He did not speak anything but give and walked away. But since mustaffa is not my choice . I reject him too after watching news he said he supports anwar. He only complains but never withdraw from election.

Now I regretted voting for chegubard because he too complains but never withdraw from election. It looks like Mustaffa and Chegubard just like to talk to walls but NO reaction when there is action.

3 of us don’t support the individuals in party but as raja petra said we hate BN . So the alternative choice is PR. But that does not mean we love PR.

My personnel observation PSM is good. PSM also has many youngsters famous for JERIT.

Why we choose to be member of pkr ?

Cause PKR was nearest and available via eyes. Although PAS is in the 12th general election voting for my place and we vote for PAS but this PAS we don’t even know where the office. DAP – never came to mind.

Why do I need to be a member in a party?

Cause I thought of supporting the PKR and increase their strength with high membership.

Am I glad with pkr till today ?

1. I am super happy with ADUN Chan Ming Kai although my place is under BN.
2. pkr elections involves members to vote.
3. Some good pkr members around Malaysia serving rakyat.

Do I regret now for becoming member of pkr?

No. nothing to regret cause it is just some money and power corrupted people spoils the party. In fact PAS and DAP also the same. To be surprised BN also has good candidate like YB Devamany of Cameron highlands.
Therefore, I will not quit pkr.  We need to conquer putrajaya.
I do not like anwar since he was menteri pendidikan. I also don’t like azizah from year 2000.  This pkr is not about his family but the work for
rakyat. But now ever since last 2 weeks the hindraf memorandum squashed at anwar’s house made me angry so I also never vote for nurul . But for azmin and samsul , I only get to know his dirtiness this year 2010.

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