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Posted on November 25, 2010


“Even until you sweat but do not lose a pint of blood” – Pastor James Wuye

“If politicians use religion or race to sway the people’s minds then the country may head for disaster…Neither should politicians use religious leaders to influence the people, and in countries which have used such propaganda have torn their social fabric and were doomed” – Pastor James Wuye

“It’s the incompetent religious leaders who turn out to be ugly and instead of preaching compassion and they manipulate people who can be easily influenced by politicians. Be careful because politicians play the card to win votes. For this reason, religion and politics cannot be brought together” – Imam Muhammad Ashafa.

Malaysiakini has the story of these two men of the cloth, once bitter enemies, who have now come together to try and bring about peace and goodwill, first, in their Nigeria, and then to the many nations torn asunder by racial and religious bigotry.

Their efforts have been documented in a moving story entitled “The Imam and the Pastor”.

It is a moving story of how these two men conquered hate and together, began a journey to spread love amongst a people long divided by religious prejudices.

I am making inquiries as to where and how you can get a copy of this documentary and will put up details of the same in the sidebar here.

You have got to watch it.

Below is a 10-minute excerpt of that 39-minute documentary.

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