Time, well spent, in London

Posted on December 2, 2010


A day after I left London, I got this message from RPK, together with the photo below.

“It started snowing today”.

Marina and her snow mobile

Damn, got out in the nick of time!

Indoors, as you can see, it was warm.

No, it was not a case of RPK worked while I lay in bed all day.

We worked a solid 4 days, giving shape to the MCLM vision and mission, working out strategies and initiatives, including the Barisan Rakyat independent candidate initiative.

Last Saturday, the MCLM committee met formally for the first time in London and took some very important decisions.

MCLM Committee at its first formal meeting in London

You want the details?

The MCLM committee will very soon be hosting a public briefing in London where our Chairman, RPK, will disclose these details.

Be patient.

Later that same Saturday afternoon, we headed out to Trafalgar for an impromptu anti-ISA demo.

That same evening, RPK and I had dinner and a long heart-to-heart talk with Hindraf’s Waythamoorthy.

It was a good meal, but the talks were better.

So good were our discussions that hours before I was due to fly out of London, Moorthy and I met up at Costa Coffee to resume those discussions.

Moorthy and I have committed to work to end the plight of all marginalised Malaysians and, to that end, we will continue with those discussions on an urgent basis.

Moorthy & I, outside Costa Coffee, hours before I flew out of London