As UMNO screws the Malays with its lies, so, too, MIC, the Indians

Posted on December 9, 2010


The Staronline reported yesterday that Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam has confidently assured that the Indian community’s citizenship and welfare woes will be resolved by the end of next year.

Lets leave off the welfare issues for the moment.

I take it that by citizenship issues, this is in reference to the Indians who are citizens of Malaysia but do not have birth certificates and identity cards as indicia of the same.

The report quotes Subramaniam as saying :

“As of the middle of this year, a total of 4,948 cases (citizenship and welfare problems involving Indians) were registered under the Program Mesra Rakyat 1Malaysia and so far 35% of the cases have been resolved”.

If I understand the minister correctly, as at the middle of this year, 4,948 of these ‘citizenship’ cases were registered and taken cognisance of by the government and, of these, 35% have been resolved.

By resolved I will assume that they now have proof of citizenship.

Now, firstly, 35% of 4,948 works out to 1,731.8, so I do not know how the minister’s staff came to these figures.

Leaving this oddity aside, for the following reasons, the minister must explain how given that the government has only been able to resolve the citizenship issue of 1,731.8 Indians in 6 months, they now propose to resolve this issue by the end of next year.

At my meetings with Waythamoorthy in London last month, we discussed this problem at some length.

Moorthy disclosed to me that this problem affected some 100,000-150,000 Indians throughout the country and agreed that several of the indigenous communities in Sabah and Sarawak also faced this problem.

We both agreed that this was a serious problem and had to be made a matter of urgency to be resolved.

We also both agreed that a government that was serious about resolving this and put its mind to it could solve this predicament, not just of the Indians, but also that of the Sabahans and Sarawakians, by deploying mobile NRD teams to the areas where most of the affected are located and effect the requisite investigation and registration there.

If the government is serious about it.

Subramaniam now says they will resolve this by end next year.

Yet, in 6 months, they have only resolved the problem of 1,731.8 Indians.

At this rate, Subra would have long died of old age and cremated or buried and this issue would still be plaguing thousands.

Election talk, Subra?