Syabas, Radio Free Sarawak

Posted on December 10, 2010


Fellow blogger Sevaraja says change will soon be coming to Sarawak.

And FreeMalaysiaToday reports that special adviser to Chief Minister Taib, Adenan Satem, has sounded the warning bells that BN may be in trouble in the next state election, which are imminent.

“The situation has changed. People have easy access to information and are more politically aware. The people’s mindset has changed and BN cannot afford to rest on its laurels”, he is reported as saying.

Radio Free Sarawak, reporting by short wave to our brothers and sisters in the longhouses in the interior areas of Sarawak, has been broadcasting for less than a month and, as at last Tuesday, had registered more than a million hits!

Syabas, Papa Orang Hutan and the team behind RFS!

Now, if you really want to see Taib and his cronies, inside and outside of the state government, start to shit bricks, start sending out the following sms to everyone you know in Sarawak.

“Untuk siaran radio yg sampaikan berita benar, telus & bebas, dengarlah Radio Free Sarawak, berfrekuensi 7590kHz pagi jam 6.30 – 7.30 dan 15680kHz petang jam 6 – 7, setiap hari. Sebarkan kepada semua rakyat Sarawak”

We have a nation to take back.