Will PKR let the truth emerge, or once again take refuge behind Mahathir’s ouster clause?

Posted on December 11, 2010


RPK wrote that ‘PKR set to implode after allegations of fraud’ in the Jenapala case.

But then, RPK was not to know that PKR’s lawyers would stack up an impenetrable ‘Section 18C, Societies Act, 1966’ wall between the judge and the sordid facts.

And so, without examining the allegations of fraud and forgery, the judge threw out Jenapala’s case.

FreeMalaysiaToday reports today that new law suits have been filed at the Sandakan High Court registry this morning by PKR members from the Batu Sapi and Sandakan divisions, also alleging irregularities in the recent polls to elect the deputy president.

The Batu Sapi suit has been filed by 5 division who allege electoral malpractices and mismanagement of the election process in the elections held in the division on November 13. They allege that the new Batu Sapi division chief, Hassanar Ibrahim, prevented them from voting. They also allege that only 30 or 40 members turned up to vote but they ‘were shocked with the result of the election when we were informed that Azmin Ali, one of the three candidates for the post of deputy president, has obtained 1,027 votes between 1pm and 4pm when only 30 to 40 people turned up at the material time” .

They also complained that the party had not taken any action over the increased number of voters, suggesting that a complaint in relation to this had previously been lodged with either the central elections committee or the party headquarters.

The suit from the Sandakan division is even more intriguing.

It is brought by only one member, one Chee Yiu Leong, who is said to be the Sandakan youth chief.

He alleges that at the elections on 6th November, outsiders were ferried in to vote in favour of Azmin.

Now, what is intriguing about this complaint is that Chee Yui Leong has named one Ardat Tusin as being responsible for this and this Ardat has sworn an affidavit admitting this.

“The extra ballot papers were supplied by the election coordinator for the purpose of casting extra votes for Azmin… “ Ardat is reported to have said in his affidavit.


Are PKR’s lawyers going to build another ‘Section 18C’ wall in the Sandakan High Court to keep the judge in the dark, or will they allow the truth surrounding these damning allegations to emerge?

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