About MCLM, the Barisan Rakyat Initiative, and the Third Force

Posted on December 23, 2010


That was one of the principle objectives of the first MCLM Public Forum that was held 2 nights ago at the Kl & Selangor Chinese Hall.

Courtesy of Melvin Mah

Lay to rest nagging questions about what the MCLM is about, where we want to go with the Barisan Rakyat Independent Candidate Initiative, and the fuss about this much talked-about Third Force.

The auditorium was packed to the brim.

Some were left standing through the night.

Courtesy of Melvin Mah

Others took to the floor.

Courtesy of Melvin Mah

Pat of Pahlawan Volunteers was on hand to record the entire proceedings that evening.

I’ll be putting those video clips up here in batches.

The four video clips below, I hope, will go some way to explain the what and the how of MCLM and the Barisan Rakyat Independent Candidate Initiative, and how MCLM envisages an empowered and awakened rakyat, as the Third Force, playing a meaningful role in the next general election.