Khalid and Azmin, please respond immediately

Posted on December 23, 2010


The author of this piece that appeared in the Malaysianinsider two days ago, sent me the e-mail below yesterday.


Only two days ago I had written about the dilemma that I have as an ordinary voter in deciding between BN or PR in the next general elections.

Today, it has been alleged through a local internet news portal that, first, the PR state government of Selangor has awarded without open tender a multi-million ringgit contract to develop a piece of Petaling Jaya land to a company with no known track record of property development and, second, the company is associated with the state assemblyman for Bukit Antarabangsa, YB Azmin Ali who is also the deputy president of PKR and, third, YB Azmin had pressured the Selangor Menteri Besar, YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, to award the contract to the said company.

These are very serious allegations. YAB Khalid and YB Azmin have an obligation to respond to them without delay. Their sincerity about upholding the integrity, accountability and transparency of the state government, PKR and PR are at stake here.

I hope neither one would stonewall these allegations the way their party did to accusations by party members of irregularities in their recent internal elections. Such reticence would only cause more disenchantment with PKR.

I also hope its coalition partners, PAS and DAP, would prod the state government to reply to the allegations. Such prodding is the right thing to do if PR is truly a coalition of equals.

There is no point in promising to do this or that reform within 100 days of being elected the federal government if PR drags its feet over a matter, such as this, which is fully under the responsibility of a PR state government.

I hope the state government or YAB Khalid or YB Azmin will give an explanation before Christmas. Otherwise, I together with my family and friends will decide not to give our votes to PR in the next general elections.

The voters are watching.

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