Little Napoleons in the Selangor state civil service

Posted on January 20, 2011


Ah Seong ( at the kaunter pertanyaan at a Majlis Perbandaran in Selangor : Encik, saya nak check saya punya lesen niaga pasar malam sudah lulus, kah?

Little Napoleon attending at the counter :  Nombor rujukan?

Ah Seong hands over the acknowledgment of receipt given to him when he handed in his application some three months ago.

Little Napoleon : Tunggu sekejap, saya check.

Little Napoleon disappears, leaving Ah Seong waiting at the counter, and returns about 15 minutes later.

Little Napoleon : Belum lagi. YB masih sedang check you punya permohonan.

Ah Seong : Ah, belum lagi? Check apa lagi? Dulu satu bulan sudah ok.

Little Napoleon : Dulu kerajaan lain, sekarang kerajaan lain, mah

Ah Seong : Dulu kerajaan lain, sekarang kerajaan lain, tapi lesen sama saja, mah. Apa susah mau kasi lesen?

Little Napoleon : Dulu punya kerajaan, kautim RM50 you punya lesen sudah lama keluar. Sekarang punya kerajaan, semua YB mahu check. Ini mahu check, itu mahu check. It hari you pilih ini kerajaan, bukan? Ah, sekarang you jangan komplen, lah!

Ah Seong : Tiu, dua-dua pun sama, tak boleh pakai


This has been going on for some time now in Selangor.

Trouble is, no one in government saw it fit to report this to us.

Policy decisions with a view to improving the delivery system to the public are being frustrated by civil servant front liners who deal with the public.

These civil servants have, along the way, forgotten that they are to serve the rakyat, and not their political masters, UMNO.

Their goal : to leave the public with the impression that the present state government is wholly incompetent to manage the state and voting them in was a huge mistake.

True, I wouldn’t give the present government an ‘A’ for governance, but I would not fail them either. It hasn’t been all bad, or I would not have hosted ‘Selepas Tsunami’.

What these little Napoleons in the state civil service are trying to do is, on premises mischievously contrived by themselves, agitate disaffection against the state government.

In the language that BN is so fond of using, what they are doing is seditious.

In the days of old before the law of sedition was conjured, what these little Napoleons are plotting and carrying through would be treated as treason, and they would be beheaded.

They are betraying the very ones they are to serve.

You and I.

I don’t know about you, but I am heading out to the Kelana Jaya Stadium this Sunday to have my say.