Get to know your Pakatan Rakyat MP

Posted on February 19, 2011


Mid-January, MCLM launched its evaluation exercise in respect of the 76 Pakatan Rakyat MPs, with the help of a pool of volunteers, and an evaluation criteria that was adapted from one developed for use internally by PKR.

Let me say it again, that we are not bothering to evaluate the BN MPs because, as far as we are concerned, they have failed by virtue of their wearing the Barisan Neraka badge.

Results of the Pakatan Rakyat MP evaluation are slowly trickling in.

And yes, some have failed.

I had sent an e-mail to the MPs concerned informing them of the exercise, introducing the volunteer who had been designated to evaluate the MP concerned, and asked for their fullest co-operation.

Some MPs have been most co-operative.

Thank you.

Some refused to co-operate and a few were downright rude.

You know who you are, as we do.

I am reliably informed that the leadership of one of the Pakatan parties directed their MPs not to co-operate.

Which is fine by us.

Do any of you out there want to evaluate your own MP?

Want to gauge whether your choice last time round was a good one, or otherwise?

The criteria that was used, and the powerpoint step by step guide, that was made available to the MCLM volunteers is linked below for any of you who want to get to know your MP a little better by evaluating them for yourselves.

The criteria, with full explanatory notes, is an Excel document, and I am unable to upload it here. If you would rather have that full document rather than the one linked below, e-mail me at and I will send the same directly to you.

Evaluation Criteria

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