Dear Azmin

Posted on March 24, 2011


FreeMalaysiaToday reports that negotiations between DAP and PKR in relation to overlapping seats in the imminent Sarawak state elections have broken down.

DAP, represented by its Sarawak state chief, Wong Ho Leng, it seems, wanted to contest 18 seats, but PKR, represented by you, insist that DAP only contest 13.

DAP, it is reported, were prepared to come down to 16, but to no avail. You are still adamant that they only contest 13 seats whilst PKR contests 52 seats.

FMT quoted DAP secretary Chong as saying that “Sarawak PKR had made its position very clear that it had no authority to negotiate seats as the real power lay  with the PKR central committee, which made decisions”.

Yet, in the Malaysianinsider report of 5th March, you were quoted as saying that your ‘presence in Sarawak was not to dictate terms to the state leadership but to obtain feedback to update PR’s national leadership’.

“We always try as much as we can not to intervene in their process, but of course, certainly we will have a role to play if there is an overlap in any seat. Then, we will provide assistance and advice”, you are quoted as saying.

What, truly, is the position?

And if that stated in FMT is closer to the truth, on behalf of the many Malaysians who want to see a regime change in Sarawak, could I please request that you return to your constituency immediately and leave the negotiations to the local leaders of PKR Sarawak?