Building a force to whip BN at the 13th GE

Posted on March 28, 2011


Daim Zainuddin says that the mood of the people has changed since the last GE, as they are now able to see through the pre-election promises of the Pakatan Rakyat parties in the run-up to the last election as sloganeering and rhetoric and little else.

Pakatan, Daim says, has failed to become a relevant opposition force.

For these reasons, Daim says that BN will do better in the next GE.

Difficult as it may be, the Pakatan Rakyat leaders must accept that many Malaysians, many of whom would like to see BN finally deposed in the next GE, share the views espoused by Daim.

Many have begun to feel that left to Pakatan Rakyat alone, BN will come back stronger in the next GE.

Are we then powerless to remove BN from Putrajaya come the 13th GE?

Can we not move from


This was the thrust of a roundtable discussion attended by non-BN parties and hosted by MCLM on 21st March, 2011 themed ‘Coming together to forge a pro-rakyat 13th Federal Government’.

For reasons best known to them, KITA, PAS and PKR, though invited, chose not to attend.

SAPP and Borneo Alliance, from Sabah, attended.

DAP, HRP, IJP, PRM and PSM attended.

MCLM proposed the building of a force comprising all non-BN political parties that are genuinely desirous of seeing pro-rakyat reforms post the 13th GE, working hand in hand with the rakyat who are ready to step forward and work to bring about positive changes to our nation.

These are the ordinary rakyat who will make up the 3rd Force.

We proposed that the first step towards achieving this force is to find a common platform that all parties could subscribe to. We proposed the MCLM Manifesto as that common platform.

13th GE Manifesto

I do not recall anyone at the roundtable taking exception to any part of the Manifesto.

We stressed again at the roundtable that MCLM is not the 3rd Force.

The 3rd Force

MCLM merely offers leadership in trying to strengthen that 3rd Force by empowering every individual to be an effective agent of change and, through it various other initiatives, bridging the 3rd Force with the non-BN parties who share our aspiration for change, reform and good, transparent and accountable governance.

The Bridge

As part of our efforts to empower the rakyat as agents of change, MCLM will this week launch Citizen Empowerment School which will be open to every citizen. More details of this in the next post.

Citizen Empowerment School

We, however, set one pre-condition to our working with any non-BN party : their accepting and pledging to give effect to and implement the Rakyat Reform Agenda should we succeed in displacing BN post the 13th GE and proceed to form the 13th Federal Government.

Rakyat Reform Agenda

MCLM is of the view that if we can build this force, we would be ready to take BN on and give ourselves a fighting chance of taking Putrajaya post the 13th GE.

More importantly, we will be in a position of strength to help form a pro-rakyat, pro-reform, 13th Federal Government.

Seizing Federal Power

We have informed those parties that attended the roundtable that we hope to hold a joint press conference on 4th April, 2011 whereat we hope some, if not all, of those parties, will join us to announce the formation of the initial nucleus of that force that we hope will rise to face BN at the 13th GE.