Sure, keep the activists out, but you cannot stop the wind of change from blowing in

Posted on April 14, 2011


The immigration staff who attended to my detention and eventual deportation from Kuching back to KL last night were generally courteous.

The AirAsia staff who were detailed to ready my return ticket and escort me on to the plane were most pleasant, despite my making life difficult by refusing to have my return ticket pre-booked for tomorrow converted to facilitate my deportation last night, although I suspect they went into their system and did precisely that.

I know you were merely carrying out instructions from higher ups. I am grateful that you did so with courtesy and kindness. Thank you, all.

Thank you to the many who sms’d me to say they were praying for me.

Now, pray for Divine guidance for the people of Sarawak, that they may have the courage to vote out BN and Taib this Saturday.

Reports from operatives on the ground indicate that the opposition is within striking distance of doing what was hitherto thought to be impossible : denying  BN a 2/3 majority in the Sarawak state assembly.

It is, though, well within the power of the people of Sarawak to go beyond just denying BN a 2/3 majority, and to go the whole distance and bring this corrupt regime to its knees.

For this to happen, Sarawakians must be resolute in not succumbing to the crumbs that will be tossed at them from the BN banquet table in the coming days.

In these same days leading up to polling on Saturday, there may yet be other activists headed to Sarawak who will suffer the same fate as Steven Ng, Chin Huat and I in being refused entry.

My gut feeling is that this latest round of abuse of state power will count for nothing.

The wind of change is already blowing gale-like through Sarawak.

God willing, we will see a tsunami this Saturday.