Don’t fall for the MSM spin, folks. Keep the faith.

Posted on April 15, 2011


Whilst waiting at the LCCT to board the plane to Kuching on Wednesday afternoon, I got into a conversation with a gentleman who introduced himself as Pak Rashid.

Pak Rashid, it turned out, was a PKR man from Negri Sembilan heading out to Kuching to lend support in the ongoing state elections campaign.

I gave him my MCLM name card and explained that MCLM was an initiative started by RPK in London.

We then boarded the plane and went our separate ways.

Several hours later, after I was detained at the Kuching airport by the immigration authorities and was waiting to board the KL-bound plane, Pak Rashid called me.

He said he had watched something about RPK on the TV3 8pm news broadcast that troubled him. Please, he asked, could I keep him informed if I got any updates.

I said I would.

Then the sms’s started coming in fast and furious.

“What’s happened to RPK?”.

“Has RPK sold out?”

“RPK has sold out. When will u?”

Before I could call anyone to find out what this was all about, I had to board the plane and switch off my phones.

Landed in KL and upon switching on my phones, more of the same sms’s.

Called RPK and was immediately put into the picture.

Got home, watched the video clip of the news broadcast and the various MSM news reports following the same.

More of the same sms’s.

There has since been a second news broadcast yesterday, with the same modus of using an excerpt from a more than 1 hour-long interview with RPK, edited and juxtaposed with words attributed to RPK, yet never uttered by him, if you carefully watch the excerpt from the interview.

Folks, many of you have fallen for the worst possible kind of media spin possible.

I am going to host a press conference later today to try and lay bare for all to see the deceitful reporting by TV3 and the mainstream media.

I will also post up here later today my analysis of the media spin, especially with regard to the first broadcast on Wednesday night.

For now, to the many who have sms’d me, let me just say this.

Keep the faith.