Kuli to lead the Third Force? Against UMNO?

Posted on July 23, 2011


That’s the IGP looking out at the BERSIH 2.0 rally on 9th July, through a keyhole.

That’s why he is reported to have said that there were only 6,000 Malaysians rallying out there that day.

Those of us who were out there on 709 saw something else.

Some online media reported the numbers as being approximately 50,000.

BBC, it seems, counted the crowd as numbering in the region of 120,000.

Blogger buddy Hawkeye calculates the numbers rallying on 709 as being in excess of 200,000.

Whatever the actual numbers, as RPK said 5 days after the rally, “On 9th July 2011, what we saw was The Third Force in action. This was not about ‘three-corner fights’. This was about taking back power from the politicians and transferring it into the hands of the rakyat.

Never mind whether 6,000 people came out that day (as what the police says), or 20,000 people (as what the mainstream media says), or 50,000 people (as what some say), or 200,000 people (as what others say), or whatever. The numbers are not as important as the fact that the rakyat demonstrated their will to come out to show their unhappiness and to send a strong message to the powers-that-be that changes must happen and resistance is futile.

The rakyat has ‘tasted blood’, that day on 9th July 2011. And there is no turning back the clock. Bersih has taught the rakyat the meaning of The Third Force. The rakyat now understands that united they can force changes. And the rakyat is going to continue to force changes and anyone who stands in the way of the rakyat is going to be swept aside”.

MCLM acknowledges each of you who were out there rallying peacefully on 709 as a forcto be reckoned with in your own right.

You are the Third Force.

If any of you who were in the rally see me anywhere, come up to me and say, “Bro, I was there on 709”, I will present to you this badge of honour

as a little token  of acknowledgement from RPK and I that you are part of the Third Force.

In his post that I just referred to, RPK concluded the same with the following :

“We hope, now, the meaning of The Third Force becomes clearer. And the newly crowned leader of this Third Force is Ambiga Sreenevasan. She may be a reluctant leader. Maybe she did not plan to emerge as its leader. However, like it or not, she is now the leader of Malaysia’s Third Force.

Now I hope you understand what we mean when we talk about The Third Force”.

The coming days and weeks will reveal if indeed Ambiga has arrived to lead the Third Force.

Yesterday, Kuli launched his Angkatan Amanah Merdeka, or Amanah, for short.

I was invited to attend the launch, to lend support for this latest effort by Kuli and several other leaders, past and present.

However, the event clashed with the scheduled hearing of the habeas corpus application of the EO6.

I am very clear about the cause of the EO6, and it is one very close to my heart.

I cannot yet say the same of Kuli’s Amanah.

In the result, I ended up in Mahkamah Tinggi Jenayah 1, rather than at the Tunku Andul Rahman Memorial Centre.

FreeMalaysiaToday’s Syed Jamal Zahiid, who was at the launch, reports that Kuli “hinted” that Amanah  ‘could possibly be the catalyst to a rising third force’.

Amanah the catalyst to a rising third force?

Quite clearly, Kuli and his fellow Amanites were not there at the rally on 709 to witness first hand that the Third Force had already arisen, and needed no further catalyst from anyone.

Syed Jamal reports that in an inspiring speech, Kuli ‘called on the silent majority to voice their discontent against “rife corruption, cronyism and racial crisis” ‘.

With the greatest of respect to Kuli, that inspiring speech has come a little late.

Some 13 days before, on 709, the Third Force, long silent, rose and were heard, above the din of roaring water cannon trucks, sirens and tear gas shots.

Does Kuli now offer to lead this Third Force?

If so, where to?

The rehabilitation of this nation, or to rehabilitate UMNO?

If the former, Kuli must fully realise that the Third Force sees UMNO as the most evil scourge this nation has had to endure, and he must take the first bold step of severing all ties with the party if he is to offer us his leadership.

If, however, the Kelantan prince persists in his past hopes of rehabilitating UMNO from within, but this time through the vehicle of Amanah, he should ready himself to face the Third Force, rather than lead it.

I, and so many more amongst the Third Force, wait with bated breath, to see where Kuli will go with his Amanah.