…and Najib scores when no one’s keeping goal!

Posted on September 24, 2011


Just as DAP seeks to get all the top Pakatan leaders under one roof to try to bring some sanity to the raging hudud issue, Najib, in his usual slithery fashion, slides one into an open goal.

FreeMalaysiaToday reports that DAP’s Karpal has called for  an emergency meeting of the top leadership of Pakatan to ‘trash out the controversial PAS’ Islamic state agenda’.

“Public perception and confidence on Pakatan would be badly affected. Pakatan must quickly address and resolve such an important fundamental issue of governance. An emergency meeting must be held immediately to publicly clarify Pakatan’s stand on the issue. The controversy must end once and for all, Karpal is reported to have said.

Meanwhile, Najib has not wasted any time taking advantage of the present mayhem.

Staronline reports that, at the Tanjung Tualang 1Malaysia carnival, Najib declared that his administration would not implement hudud law in the country.

Don’t be surprised, though, if the Malay dailies overlook to report this.

Najib surely can’t afford to have the pakciks and the makciks out in the kampungs get wind of this.

Watch, though, as the same Malay dailies go to town to spin any resolution that comes out of that emergency meeting that Karpal has called for.