UMNO’s got itself new election bankers

Posted on October 8, 2011


The nation is in an economic toilet bowl, if not the cesspool.

There just isn’t enough real cash going around.

And UMNO’s election machinery just doesn’t get going unless it is well lubricated.

Well, and expensively lubricated.

So how is UMNO to go to a 13th GE unless it can lay its hands on cold, hard cash?

Lots and lots of it.

Well, it seems that some of those in the UMNO thinking department have brains after all.

They seem to have stumbled upon a solution.

A quite ingenious one, too.

The move to secure unto UMNO its new election war chest started in Parliament last Monday and was finally put in place on Wednesday.

In Parliament.


Too ingenious to have been thought of by Najib or Rosmah.

Or Hishamuddin, although some are laying the credit for the move at his door.

Who are these new funders?

I’ll tell you who they are tomorrow.

Unless some bright spark out there can finger them today.

Go on, have a guess.