What be this thing they call the SIA?

Posted on October 11, 2011


In MCLM’s books, its the Social Inclusion Agenda.

Part of our Rakyat Reform Agenda , a reform program we hope a new non-BN government, post the 13th general election, will implement during their term of governance.

There’s four parts to the Rakyat Reform Agenda.

The powerpoint slide below lists them out.

RARA Slide

MCLM has just finished its tour of Sabah and Sarawak to share details of the Rakyat Reform Agenda and will soon be coming to a town near you. Details are in the flyer above. For more details, click on the flyer to go to our website.

The video clip below may give you an idea of what we hope to achieve through the Social Inclusion Agenda but, if you attend the forums, you will get to hear fullest details of the same from Jayanath Appudurai, the man who drafted and crafted this program.

Hope to see to see you all soon.