Repealing all draconian laws and returning state institutions back to the rakyat

Posted on October 23, 2011


Najib, UMNO and BN will not do this.

We need a new non-BN government post the 13th GE to do this.

Repeal the ISA, the OSA, the PPPA, the UUCA, the Sedition Act.

All the laws that we’ve been asking to have taken off our statute books and from around our necks for so, so long.

Return the judiciary back to us.

The AG’s office.

Election Commission.



And every other institution that ought to be protecting the interests of the rakyat, not UMNO and BN.

And to do all of this early on in their term of administration at Putrajaya.

As you can see from the powerpoint slide below, these make up the second and third pillars of the Rakyat Reform Agenda (RARA) proposed by the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM).

RARA Slide

Join us at our RARA forum in Penang tomorrow, Ipoh on 25th October and in JB on 3rd November to discuss these proposed reforms.

The video clip below will give you an early idea of how we propose to get rid of those draconian laws and take back our institutions of state after the next general election.