Thank you, KL, KK, Tawau, Kuching, Penang and Ipoh, for your mandate. JB, coming to you next.

Posted on October 28, 2011


On 19th September, 2011, the Malaysian Civil Liberties movement (MCLM) kicked off its Rakyat Reform Agenda (RARA) in KL.

27th to 29th September, we took the show to Kota Kinabalu, Tawau and Kuching.

24th and 25th October, we were in Penang and Ipoh.

At each of our roadshows, we sought and obtained the unanimous mandate of those in attendance to write to all the non-BN parties and present the RARA and to ask them to make a pledge to the rakyat that, if, with the full support of the rakyat, they are installed in Putrajaya post the 13th General Election as the new federal government, they will implement the four pillars of the RARA.

Thank you to all you good people who were at those forums.

If you still are not clear what the four pillars of the RARA are, the powerpoint slide linked below will give you a quick view of the same.

RARA Slide

Next stop : Johore Bahru on 3rd November.

Hope to see you all there.

For those who cannot make it to JB, and who could not make it to any of the other forums, the video recordings of the presentations in Ipoh may be helpful in further understanding our proposed reforms.

Jeffrey Kitingan’s presentation

Jayanath Appudurai’s presentation