God may have forgiven you, Jibby, but we haven’t. Now give us our reforms or sod off!

Posted on November 7, 2011


Haji Najib and Hajjah Imelda Rosmah, it seems, are due back anytime now.

After some obscene and lavish shopping by Imelda with our money, I suppose.

Back with clean slates?

Maybe with God, but not with us.

We’ve got scores to settle with you, Jibby.

We want you and your lot out of Putrajaya.

Through free and fair elections.

Give us the reforms we’ve demanded on 709 and the rakyat will meet you at GE13.

Winner take all.

Fair and square.

Call for polls before the reforms and we won’t wait for polling day to take you and your thieving friends in BN out of Putrajaya.

No, Jibby, this is no threat.

This is a promise.