Now, more than ever before, His Majesty must act in the best interest of the rakyat and the nation

Posted on November 17, 2011


Auntie Bersih and Kak Rosni have launched a nation wide effort to get all Malaysians to speak up and urge the king to stand side by side with the rakyat in our drive to ensure that the 13th GE is free and fair. The report on their press conference can be read HERE.

Auntie and Kak Rosni are calling on the king to exercise his constitutionally conferred power to refuse his consent to a dissolution of Parliament, should Najib request this without first implementing the reforms that the rakyat have demanded.

This is an effort that is deserving of the fullest support from all of us as it presents an excellent opportunity for the monarch and the rakyat to come together to set things right in our nation.

Although, on 3rd November, I joined others to issue an ultimatum to Najib that if he called snap elections without first implementing the reforms we want, we would rally again and, this time, it might be a fight to the end, I have signed the petition launched by these 2 courageous patriots because it represents a middle path that all of us can collectively take to send a message to the king : STAND WITH THE RAKYAT TO SAVE THIS NATION.

I am petitioner No. 346, if I recall correctly, and I am proud to join Auntie Bersih and Kak Rosni and the more than 900 others who have already signed this petition.

You will have to provide your IC number. This is the right thing to do so that the credibility of our signatures is never questioned.

Do not be afraid.

We need fear no one.

Let us come together to make this a Petisyen Sejuta Rakyat yang menuntut pilihanraya yang bebas dan adil.

Click on the words in red to go to the petition.

Make it your duty to get all your friends and family to sign this petition.


Modern day constitutional monarchs are a far cry from their predecessor feudal monarchs.

In the old days, the people served their king.

Today, the modern day constitutional monarch, in theory at least, holds office to serve the best interest of the people.

Take the power to veto the passing of law by the legislative assemblies.

A useful power to deal with an elected government that is, for reasons best known yo itself, moving to make law that is not in the best interest of the people.

By exercising his power of veto to stop the making of such law, the king aligns himself with the welfare and well-being of the citizenry.

As he should.

At all times, without exception.

Numerous instances in history vividly depict the consequences for a monarchy that is, on matters of grave importance, out of touch with the will of the citizenry.

Until 1983, our king had the power to veto the passage of a bill through parliament, thus preventing it becoming law.

Then Mahathir stepped in, amended that power to a mere power to delay.

That power of veto was taken away.

Mahathir must have overlooked Article 40 (2) (b) of the Federal Constitution.

It is another veto power of sorts.

It empowers the king to refuse to a dissolution of parliament when requested by the Prime Minister.

Like the earlier power to veto the passage of a bill to become law, this power, too, must surely be exercised when it will not serve the best interests of the rakyat to have Parliament dissolved and the nation go to an election to form a new government.

Like all other powers conferred on our constitutional king, Article 40 (2) (b) is to be exercised in the interest of the rakyat, and no other.