Security reasons? Whose security? The rakyat’s? Or UMNO’s and BN’s?

Posted on December 9, 2011


FMT reports that Musa Aman cited ‘security reasons’ to justify his order to Sabah immigration to refuse me entry into Sabah 2 days ago.

Musa’s security of tenure, as the Chief Minister, and that of every other BN leader holding office in the Sabah state government, hinges on the impoverished people of Sabah, particularly in the interior areas, remaining ignorant about how, since UMNO’s entry into Sabah, the state’s wealth has found its way into the pockets of the leaders of Sabah UMNO and other BN parties, and their cronies.

My refused entry into Sabah was indeed premised on security concerns : concerns at ongoing efforts by many good people in Sabah with whom I have been working in recent months to take the truth of how UMNO continues to bleed this nation of its last remaining vestiges of its God-given wealth to feed their  own excesses and opulent lifestyles.

Concerns that the truth about UMNO’s and BN’s shameless rape and plunder of Sabah, now filling the empty bellies and the hearts of the hardcore poor, might be the very catalyst to see the people rise to rid Sabah of this curse, whether at the next election or earlier, by force.

These were the real concerns of Musa Aman and his band of robbers and thieves who pretend to administer the state for her people.

FMT reports that Musa declined to elaborate on the reasons for my refused entry into Sabah, other than to say that they were “related to security issues” and that the authorities “had strong reasons … that is all I want to say” .

I now call Musa a liar and challenge him to publicly disclose those ‘strong reasons’.