Dei, s/o Mohamed Kutty, you empty your pockets first, lah

Posted on January 24, 2012


The cheek of this old bugger!

Malaysiakini has him supporting the call for public officers to declare their assets, but then takes Nazri’s position that such a disclosure should not be made to the public.

Yes, not to us.

Mahathir’s reasoning?

“… people will be focussed on that instead of unity and nation building”, he is reported to have said

This racist bigot who destroyed our national institutions and, with his cronies, plundered the wealth of the nation by playing the race card whenever it suited him, now speaks of unity and nation building?

He should be the first to make full and frank disclosure of what he owns.

Here and abroad.

In his own name and that of his next-of-kin.

Doc, please don’t die on us just yet.

I want to see the day when we strip search you to retrieve every single sen you have stolen from us.