HINDRAF would support any 3rd force against UMNO.

Posted on January 26, 2012


Yesterday, media reports carried a statement issued by my friend, Jayathas of the Human Rights Party (HRP) that Hindraf did not support the Anything But Umno (ABU) initiative.

Today, sms’s have been circulating, allegedly from Uthayakumar and Jayathas, calling on Hindraf members to not have anything to do with ABU activities.

The media have been hounding me for a response.

I thought I best leave it to the Chairman of Hindraf, Waytha Moorthy, to clear the air on this matter.

He has issued a statement today which does precisely that.

I reproduce the same below.


HINDRAF would like to reiterate that it will continue to support any movement from Peninsular and East Malaysia in our attempt to dethrone UMNO and its mandores from their continued atrocity against the society in particular the poor & marginalized ones.

We have always been consistent that UMNO has to go but we will never be able to do it alone. HINDRAF’s decision to take a multi-pronged strategy and engage with any 3rd party opposition forces was taken at the 2nd annual convention held on 4th December 2011. HINDRAF will work with any forces that work in tandem with our agenda to uplift the marginalized segment of Malaysian Indians along with those in similar bracket by working in partnership and moving forward with any force that seek similar agenda similar to ABU on a political stance. Naturally, besides ABU, there are many other organizations like UBF from East Malaysia have sought justice for “Jus soli” of segment of their society that are continuously marginalized and discriminated due to the weakness of their representatives within the UMNO alliance.

HINDRAF’s  position in working with other 3rd forces against UMNO  is solely on a consensus that human rights and equality should be across the board starting with the  poorest  segment of the society like the Malaysian Indians and their fellow brethren amongst other Malaysians.

The recent statement issued on instructions of P.Uthayakumar the Secretary General of Human Rights Party with regards to our involvement with ABU was purely his personal view and we in Hindraf respect his views though collectively we differ from his personal opinions.

HINDRAF’s voice is a mix and marriage of the ground root supporters, not one based on an individual.  All the national coordinators of HINDRAF from the various states in Malaysia had unanimously agreed that in order to address the issue of the poor and marginalized Malaysian Indians and those in similar position, it needs a concerted effort from all parties irrespective of the race, religion or creed and this is only possible if we heed the grass root supporters call to bring a fruitful success to upheaval social injustice perpetrated by UMNO and its mandores.

HINDRAF call upon all its supporters to continue their support for ABU and any other cause that can ensure the parity stretches amongst Malaysian in recognizing the cry of the poor and marginalized Malaysian Indians.

P.Waytha Moorthy



26th January 2012.