No race classification, please, we are anak bangsa Malaysia

Posted on February 6, 2012


Yesterday morning, I had to attend an identification parade at the IPD, Shah Alam to assist in identifying the perpetrators of the disruption of the ABU ceramah in Klang early last month.

Had told the police I could only identify the principal agitator.

The parade had 10 individuals lined up.

Took me less than 5 seconds to point out the scum bag.

Two Fridays ago, I had to attend at the IPK, Selangor, in Shah Alam, to give my witness statement to assist police investigations into the incident in Klang.

Was informed that they were investigating an offence under section 148 of the Penal Code : rioting with arms or something like that.

Lawyers David and Regina accompanied me.

Thanks, you two.

The police officer recording my statement, whilst taking down my personal details, after recording my full name, and in the space on the form for “KETURUNAN”, recorded ‘Melayu’.

I corrected him.

“Tuan, saya anak bangsa Malaysia”, I said.

David was trying hard to stifle a snigger.

The officer looked puzzled.

I now repeated very, very slowly : SAYA ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA.

The officer still look a bit perplexed.

I assisted him.

“Saya ejakan untuk tuan”, I offered, and proceeded to spell ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA as slowly as I could, as he banged away on the keyboard.

When the final copy of the statement was presented for me to sign, there it was, in officialdom.

Keturunan : Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Stand your ground, people, and you will prevail.