Hey, Teng, Selcat, wake up, lah!

Posted on February 10, 2012


This relates to RPK’s posting yesterday on the matter of the sand-mining scandal in Selangor.

You will recall that in June, 2010, the Selangor state assembly Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transperancy (Selcat) held a public inquiry over 3 days to look into  the administrative aspects of sand-mining in Selangor.

Those proceedings adjourned sine die on 4th June, apparently to await further submission of evidence from Manikavasagam, the current MP of Kapar.

I had written about those proceedings then. You can read that post HERE.

Last year, in July, several individuals came to see me to disclose what they claimed were ongoing irregularities in the sand-mining business that they claimed had taken place subsequent to the Selcat proceedings in June 2010.

Whilst they had some documentary evidence, I was not sufficiently convinced that these pointed to corruption in the state.

However, something they said troubled me.

MP Manikavasagam, they said, would not be going back to Selcat with the further evidence that he loudly pronounced he had. They also offered their reasons as to why he would not do so.

I am not going to disclose those reasons here, for the moment at least.

I’ve checked.

Manikavasagam has not returned to Selcat with his further evidence.

I called Teng Chang Kim, Selangor assembly speaker and chairman of Selcat, in July last year to ask what had become of those proceedings.

He said they were awaiting the further evidence of Manikavasagam.

I asked whether that meant that if Manikavasagam did not come forward with his further evidence, Selcat would go to sleep on the matter?

He said no, that there would be a finding made.

I asked when this would be.

He said it would be delivered by November last year.

I asked if it would be a written finding.

He confirmed so.

I am still await that written finding to this date.

Teng must tell us why.

It seems odd that the proceedings were adjourned sine die to await Manikavasagam’s further evidence that he was so anxious to have put before the committee and yet, to this date, he has not done so.

Manikavasagam must ell us why.

Failing which, I may have to disclose the reasons that were proffered to me.

One final point.

Malaysiakini reports that Batu Caves PKR assemblyperson Amirudin Shaari, who was implicated in the sand-mining scandal by RPK in his post, seems to take the view that MACC has investigated him on this matter and that, since no further action has been taken, he has been exonerated of  the matters raised by RPK.

I passed this information recently to a staff in the office of the MB of Selangor.

MACC are waiting for the last days leading to the dissolution of Parliament and the announcement of PRU13 when they will prefer charges against several Selangor  Pakatan elected reps involved in corruption.

YB Amir, it may not, as you seem to think, be over yet.