Is this Amanah’s stand, Kadir? We need to know

Posted on February 10, 2012


Malaysiakini reports Amanah’s Kadir Sheikh Fadzir as urging banks to have special units to cater to bumiputera entrepreneurs.

Damn, he even suggests that every minstry create a special unit to cater to bumi entrepreneurs!

Now, this bumi/ non-bumi crap is nowhere to be found in the constitution, and Kadir must know this.

He acknowledges that this 30% quota nonsense for bumis came about at the time the NEP was contrived in the 70s.

What he overlooks to admit is that this bumi / non-bumi cleave was as divisive of the nation as the very notion of BN being created, with each component party looking after the interests of their respective ethnic communities.

Does the politics of Amanah envisage a continuance of this divide?

For that matter, what of the other political parties?

I need to know who supports the aspiration of a nation of a single people, all equal.