No regime change in Putrajaya unless we get it right

Posted on February 10, 2012


And by we, I mean you and I.

Yes, us, the rakyat.

We can’t leave this entirely in the hands of the opposition politicians.

If we do, they will hand Putrajaya back to UMNO/BN on a silver platter.

Remember the Batu Sapi by-election in late 2010?

This is what I wrote then, in a post entitled “Batu Sapi : SAPP or Pakatan Rakyat?” in respect of the situation then where both PKR and SAPP wanted to contest.

“Here’s what I think both SAPP and Pakatan should do. I understand that PKR has developed a criteria for candidate selection. Let’s call that criteria a “MP-Aptitude test”.

Both Pakatan and SAPP should come to the negotiation table, disclose their respective proposed candidate, who should be Sabahan, measure both by that MP-Aptitude test and see who comes out tops.

Then apply a second test to both. Let’s call this the ‘Integrity’ test.

This requires looking into the background of the candidates, to ascertain, to the extent possible, the risk factor of either turning out to be a froggie.

For instance, does either gamble heavily, or have very heavy financial commitments, or known to engage in socially questionable behavior such as may expose the person to blackmail?”

PKR and SAPP did come to the negotiating table.

However, they could not come to agreement on a single candidate.

Instead, they reached a gentleman’s agreement to not character-assassinate their respective candidates and instead train their guns on the BN candidate.

Less than 24 hours later, this agreement was down the toilet bowl and they were attacking each other.

The result : BN’s Linda Tsen waltzed past the finishing line first.

If we are to have a fighting chance at displacing UMNO/BN at the PRU13, we must ensure that only one opposition candidate is offered in each and every one of the 222 parliamentary constituencies.

And that candidate must be the best that can be offered.

Its bad enough that UMNO/BN will orchestrate to have independent candidates fielded to dilute the votes that are not going their  way.

We do not need to have this problem compounded by the inability of the opposition parties to set aside their own party interests and make a regime change in Putrajaya their priority too, by ensuring, at all costs, only 1 candidate is offered in every parliamentary constituency.

Left on their own, the political parties will not put aside party interest.

Such is their nature.

We must force them.

We must send a strong message out to the opposition parties that, as the ABU initiative hits the ground to take a message to the rakyat that it is time to bury UMNO/BN and deliver Putrajaya into the hands of a new regime, these parties must do their part to optimise the prospects of this becoming a reality.

I’ll tell you about Labuan in my next post, and how we can take this parliamentary seat from UMNO