Oh, Sani, shut the @#$% up!

Posted on February 10, 2012


Never thought I’d ever stand up in defence of Jibby, but I just cannot keep silent as this moron Harussani spews utter rubbish in the name of Islam.

According to the Malaysianinsider, this man who has once too often set off false alarms of incidences of apostasy, slams Najib’s presence at Batu Caves during the recently concluded Thaipusam festivities as a ‘sacrifice of his faith’.

Najib’s visit to Batu Caves, he asserts, is an ‘idolatrous act’.

I don’t know what Najib did at Batu Caves, but if, as I suspect, he did no more than the ‘you help me, I help you’ routine to fish for Indian votes, he should sue the pants off this slanderous fella.

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