How do we tell the political parties who we want to represent us at PRU13?

Posted on February 11, 2012


We’re in ABU overdrive.

We’re determined to kick UMNO / BN out of Putrajaya come the 13th GE.

And we’re convinced that to do this, we have to face UMNO / BN in straight contests in all 222 parliamentary constituencies.

And therein lies the problem.

The non-BN parties are unable to come to that requisite consensus to allow for straight fights in all the constituencies.

Party interests keep holding sway, with no consideration whatsoever for what we, the voters want.

Let’s take an example.

Take my constituency.

PJ Selatan.

YB Hee Loy Sian is the sitting MP.

Don’t take this personally, YB, but I want a new MP.

Yes, YB, you’ve been literally sitting and doing little else.

PKR, please take note of this.

Yesterday, Malaysiakini reported Zaid as saying that he had contemplated contesting in PJ Selatan but has since dropped the idea.

Thanks, Zaid.

You spared many of us the unpleasant task of opposing you in PJ Selatan.

Quite frankly, I’ve set my sights on a candidate I have identified from PRM.

Let’s say, though, that Zaid, who has articulated a wish to see the opposition do well at the PRU13, wished to contest in PJ Selatan, PKR wishes to offer YB Hee again, and PRM fancies that its candidate offers the best representation for the people of PJ Selatan.

All three have gone to the negotiating table but nobody is giving way.

Are we, the voters of PJ Selatan, powerless to do anything to avert a 4-cornered contest, that will almost certainly see BN sailing through?

No, we are not.

Bakri MP, YB Er Teck Hwa hit the nail on the head when he said, in reference to the ‘tussle’ between DAP and PKR for that seat, that “party leaders should listen to the wishes of the locals in the area before deciding on the candidate”. The Star has the story HERE.

Back to our imaginery potential 4-corner contest in PJ Selatan.

Taking the cue from YB Er, how do we, the voters of PJ Selatan resolve this?

My suggestion is a friendly debate involving all 3 4 aspirants, organised by the voters, in a local hall, on a pressing national issue.

Only registered voters from PJ Selatan voters will be allowed into the hall to listen to the debate and to vote, by a show of hands, to decide the victor.

The rules of engagement for the aspirants :

1. no personal attacks

2. the 2 3 losing aspirants agree to throw their support behind the victor

I have taken this proposal to some politicians in Sabah and they have intimated their willingness to give this a try.

Your thoughts, folk.