Rakyat take Lynas to court

Posted on February 25, 2012


A suit against Lynas has been filed into court in relation to the temporary operation licence granted to them by the Atomic Energy Licencing Board.

If you genuinely oppose the rare earth refinery plant in Gebeng ever commencing operations, please see this suit as filed on your behalf.

Treat it as your own suit to stop this obscene pursuit of profit in defiance of the voice and wishes of the people, with scant regard to the risk of radiation that our people and the environment may be exposed to.

The suit goes before a judge of the High Court next week.

Date of Court Hearing   : 28th February 2012 (Tuesday)

Time of Court Hearing   : 9.00am

Venue of Court Hearing : KL High Court RKK2
                                            Level 3, Kompleks Mahkamah
                                            Off Jalan Duta, 
                                            Kuala Lumpur

Your presence there in large numbers is needed to send a strong message to  the judiciary that, we, the rakyat, will no longer look the other way as the UMNO / BN regime rapes this nation.

Please do your part.