Is ABU yours? Yes? Then don’t just stand on the sides and cheer. Take ownership of it

Posted on March 2, 2012



Is it?

ABU is your cause too?

Will you take ownership of it, then?

Take responsibility for it?

Defend it?

Many of us are traveling round the country to speak at ceramah to take the ASALKAN BUKAN UMNO message to the folk who most need to hear this.

This, we do on your behalf.

In Klang, they sent thugs to disrupt the ceramah.

Undaunted, we have pushed forward with our ceramah.

On 23rd February, we held a ceramah at Beranang, Semenyih.

Amongst others, YB Khalid and Arul of PSM spoke.

Both have now been summoned by the police to attend at IPD Kajang later today at 3pm to give their statements in furtherance of police investigations into statements made by the 2 of them at the ceramah in Beranang which are said to be seditious.

You know what that means, right?

The thugs failed.

So its police harassment now.

Arul and Khalid must have laid bare the truth that has hurt someone in high office.

I’m off to Terengganu on Saturday to speak at 2 ABU ceramah there.

Before that, I will be at IPD Kajang tomorrow to lend support to my fellow ABUites.

Arul and Khalid could use your support too.

Please be there.