How now the Rakyat Reform Agenda?

Posted on March 9, 2012


Remember the Rakyat Reform Agenda, or RARA?

Here’s a slide to refresh your memory.

The 4 reform pillars

Through September and November, last year, we traveled through KL, Sabah, Sarawak, Penang, Ipoh and JB and at all 7 forums, I was mandated by those in attendance to present the RARA to all non-BN political parties for their consideration and we, hope, their commitment to implement if and when they form the government at Putrajaya.

On 2nd January, this year, I resigned as MCLM president.

In my post to announce my resignation, this is what I said :

“To my friends in Sabah and Sarawak, my commitment to your pursuit of the promises of the 1963 agreement and to rid yourselves of the curse that UMNO and BN have become, remain on course.

I am fully committed to the reforms that we have, up to now, been pressing to see introduced by  a new pro-rakyat government in Putrajaya.

God willing, we will, together, plant love, tenderness and respect in this land of ours” .

After announcing my resignation, I flew to Chiengmai to meet up with RPK.

Amongst other things, we discussed the fate of the RARA.

We both agreed that this was a very important civil society initiative.

RPK agreed to my proposal.

The Social Inclusion Agenda or SIA, the 4th reform pillar, would be carried forward by 2 other NGOs.

And i would, in my personal capacity, carry the 1st reform pillar forward.

I am pleased to inform you that the draft bill in relation to the SIA is 99.9% ready.

I’ve seen it and its looking good.

It will be launched by the 2 NGOs very soon.

As for the matter of the 1st pillar of RARA, I will be writing to all the non-BN parties on this very soon.