Maintain the status of the Malays? Which ones?

Posted on March 10, 2012


Which Malays?

Moderator’s note on 11/3/2012 at 11.45am : Commentator BaronVonchesto sent in this clarification by way of comment. I think it warrants highlighting here –

Haris, this book is from a secondary school Oxford-Fajar Sejarah practice tests book. They initially explained that the question when read out of context is easily misinterpreted. I say give them the benefit of the doubt because from the photograph you can clearly see that ts question 3(e). These types of questions usually have a passage briefly outlining the historical context relevant to the subsequent questions – since the photo only zooms in on the question it leaves out the passage at the top.

According to oxford-fajar the context of the question is supposedly during the era of the Malayan Union, where even I agree the malays had some legitimacy to their fears of giving the “pendatang” citizenship. A more pertinant issue is how the history syllabus is skewed to glorify and play up UMNO – only UMNO fought for the malays, bla bla. In the case of this question – the correct answer is for the pemimpin to do whatever it was that UMNO did at the time. No other answer is correct.

At any rate. Oxford-Fajar have appologised, offered a refund to anyone who wishes to return the book and promised to revise r remove the question from subsequent editions. No doubt someone complained to their head office in the UK!


The large numbers, impoverished in the kampungs?

Or that of the elite few in UMNO and their cronies, enriched beyond all imagination by the abuse of the New Economic Policy?

The few maintained by the people out of the Consolidated Fund, yet take the economic opportunities away from those most in need of them?

The many denied any self-esteem, raised to believe they can do nothing for themselves, and must forever be dependent on and grateful for governmental aid?

Or the few who enslave the minds of the majority, robbing them of self-belief?

The masses who, by law, are not permitted to hold views contrary to the edicts of men feigning piety?

Or the few who ply Islam for their sustenance, but sell, instead, lies and falsehood?

The many, totally uninformed, who think ketuanan Melayu is their lifeline?

Or UMNO which, unless stopped, will draw the last breath of every Malay, for the sake of a few?