Syabas Moorthy

Posted on March 11, 2012


I first met Waythamoorthy, or just Moorthy as he has asked me to call him, during the High Court proceedings in the Moorthy Everest climber’s case in December, 2005.

Quiet and unassuming, little did I realise that this man would play a pivotal role in the Hindraf rally on 25th November, 2007 and then, in asylum overseas, continue his efforts to bring justice and equality to the marginalised section of the Indian community here.

Whilst in the UK in November, 2010, I met Moorthy on 2 occasions during which we had heart to heart talks on how Hindraf could work with other efforts in civil society to restore this nation, her institutions and her wealth, back to the 40% who are impoverished and who have been marginalised for so long.

You may not always agree with his point of view, or even his methods, but you must respect his untiring, relentless efforts in the cause that he now pursues.

Much credit is due to Moorthy who has shown great wisdom in steering Hindraf into the ongoing ABU initative.

The Global Human Rights Defender of Indian Diaspora award bestowed upon Moorthy, in my humble view, is much deserved. You can read bout this HERE.

Proud to know you, bro.

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