Please, lah, Zaid, go and play with your horses, lah!

Posted on March 17, 2012


Oh Lord, not another flip-flop!

One minute, all fire and brimstone, storming out of PKR, on a warpath with Azmin and taking every opportunity to take a swipe at Anwar.

Launch his KITA.

Suck up to Najib and his reform agenda.

Oops, not going anywhere.

Suck up to Anwar and Azmin.

Oops, not going anywhere.

Dissolve KITA.

No, don’t dissolve KITA.

Don’t want to contest.

Want to contest.

Don’t want to contest.

Now he wants to contest in Kota Bharu. Malaysiakini has the story HERE.

Go ahead and contest. It’s his constitutional right.

But why Kota Bharu?

Has the present MP, PAS’s Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah fallen short in any way?

How does 3-cornering a non-BN seat help the rakyat’s ABU initiative?

Go to Pekan, lah, Zaid.

Zaid’s stated reasons?

He’s capable, and he wants to clear his name!

True, this man is capable of just about anything!

Just about anything!

Nothing he does surprises me anymore.

Clear your name, Zaid?

Too little, too late, mate.

Stick to your horses.

They won’t know any better.