Kudos, Kadir!, Ku Li, too? Anyone else?

Posted on March 20, 2012


Malaysiakini reported yesterday that ex-minister Kadir Sheikh Fadzir has resigned from UMNO, ending his membership of 56 years.

Last year, in July,before the launch of Amanah, I had occasion to speak to Kadir on this fledgling outfit.

I said that if he and Ku Li were serious about working with the rakyat, through Amanah, in bringing about the much needed reforms to undo the damage of more than 40 years of UMNO/BN rule, the first step they must both take is to publicly leave UMNO.

I’m pleased to see Kadir taking this first step.

Will Ku Li soon follow suit?

Even as so many of the rakyat embrace the  ABU initative, let us acknowledge that not all in UMNO /BN are bad.

But they are tainted with their continued association with UMNO through their affiliation in BN.

These good people can choose to join us by emulating Kadir.

Shahrir Samad?

Loh Seng Kok?

Bernard Dompok?

Must you be named here before you walk out, too?