How some men in blue were left blue and black at Dataran

Posted on April 19, 2012


This is so, so funny, I just had to share it with all of you.

FMT reports that KL CPO Mohmad Salleh denied that cops who were present at Dataran early this morning allowed the thugs to run riot without taking any action.

To make his case, he laments that ‘two of our own plainclothes detectives were injured, so it is not right to say that the police did not act’.

I got an sms round about 5.30am this morning from one of the student leaders at Dataran, informing me about the attack.

I got to Dataran around 6.15am and managed to speak to some of the occupiers there, many of whom narrated to me how those cops got clobbered.

Quite simple, actually.

In the ensuing melee, they were mistaken for occupiers by the marauding thugs and got thumped.

Now what does this tell you?

Either those low life thugs have tungsten b@#$s or, obviously, these coppers made no effort to identify themselves to the thugs as officers of the law.

And how, one wonders, were they attempting to keep the peace if they did not identify themselves to the thugs as officers of the law?

So the one hoodlum got nicked because he bashed a cop or two.

Now, if he had not done this dastardly deed….

This CPO fella is real funny.

Asked why only 1 thug got picked up, he responded that “it was early in the morning and we could not differentiate between the attackers and those already there”.

You only need to view the video and you can tell one group from the other!


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