MCCBCHST? To Dataran Merdeka to shield our young? Please?

Posted on April 19, 2012


Moderator’s note : Just spoke to the president of the MCCBCHST by telephone. Told him many in civil society expect MCC to do the right thing in the matter of the ongoing occupation of Dataran by our young leaders. He informed me this matter would be brought up at the forthcoming Council meeting. Let’s see what stuff our religious leaders are made of.


Will our religious leaders look the other way as this madness seizes this nation?

If these young Malaysians are violating any religious ethic of any faith, then go to Dataran and chastise them gently, that they may learn from the wisdom bestowed on you.

If, however, they have bravely stepped forward to reclaim the space that the Divine gives to each of us, and have in fact answered the call in every faith you represent to lead, to stand up and oppose oppression, will you not stand in solidarity with them?

Shield them?