If Najib is intent on cheating at the polls, do we allow PRU13 to proceed?

Posted on April 23, 2012


My ‘we reap what we sow post’ elicited the following response from Teoh Chen Tick on Facebook :

“Boycott GE13 called unless meaningful electoral reforms are in place? I don’t know -won’t a boycott give the UMNOputras a free ride to Putra Jaya!!”.

No, Teoh, that would greatly please Najib, UMNO and BN.

Boycott a dirty PRU13, in my view, cannot be the answer.

Hiu Woong-sin, also on Facebook, and all the way from the UK, offered the following interesting suggestion.

“after Bersih 3.0 we go Hartal Nationwide ?”

The people of Malaya carried out a most effective one day nationwide hartal on 20th October, 1947.

Are we capable of the same today?

You tell me.

Delilah, commenting here in this blog, asked : “Haris, come 28th, are we gonna sit/walk, get soaked and gassed and then go home and hope for the best….or we occupy and force their hand. The time is certainly at hand”.

Almost as if replying to Delilah, Gabriel Chong, on Facebook posted the following :

“We M’sians are simply too docile.If only we are as steadfast + hell bent like the Egyptians + the other Arabs,hundreds of thousands of us would remain in Merdeka square for weeks + months until the Govt is brought down,period .The power of the Rakyat is unstoppable if we are courageous and determined as we have the numbers”.

My response to Gabriel : “Gabriel, I am hell bent. I will remain in Dataran after the BERSIH Duduk Bantah officially ends at 4pm on 28/4. Who, too, is hell bent and will join me?”.

Is Gabriel right? Are Malaysians simply too docile?

I’d like to hear from you.